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Harnessing AI for Enhanced ESG Performance

Gain valuable insights from Kim Knickle and Jason Noel on US ESG regulations and AI’s pivotal role in compliance, precision reporting, and sustainable practices. Explore how AI transforms sustainability and climate disclosures, reshaping corporate responsibility paradigms.


Experience the unveiling of Lythouse, a transformative force in ESG management. Discover how this innovative platform becomes your beacon in navigating the complexities of sustainability and governance.


Gain insights from Kim Knickle on the strategic roadmap for CSOs and CEOs to achieve ESG goals in 2024. This session explores leadership-driven strategies and innovative approaches essential for ESG success.


J R VanOrder and Amit Shah guide you through the intricacies of RFPs for ESG software. Learn the key elements of effective RFP creation and response, and best practices from both the buyer’s and vendor’s perspectives.


Learn more about the landmark foray into ESG for pioneers of Cognitive Procurement, Zycus. In this session, Founder & CEO, Aatish Dedhia, presents a comprehensive view of the role of ESG in the procurement landscape, and emphasizes on why the time to act is now.


Explore the capabilities of Lythouse in a comprehensive demo. See how it enables organizations to efficiently manage carbon accounting, ensure compliance, and drive transformative ESG initiatives.

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