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A roadmap for your journey towards a sustainable future

The ESG Maturity Index eBook is an essential guide for integrating ESG principles into business strategies. While many models focus on C-suite initiatives, they often overlook granular challenges within the ESG framework. Our ESG Maturity Model fills this gap, offering a comprehensive assessment tool that addresses intricate data challenges, supplier integration, automation of reporting processes, Scope 3 emissions calculations, and advanced AI technologies for efficient ESG management.

ESG Maturity Index Ebook

Key Insights and Strategies

ESG Maturity concept: ESG maturity refers to the extent to which an organization has embedded ESG principles into its operations, decision-making processes, and strategic planning.

Seven Key Areas of competency for ESG Maturity: Our ESG Maturity Model is designed to comprehensively evaluate an organization’s readiness and implementation of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices across seven key competency areas – Governance, Data & Security, Goal-setting, ESG reporting, Scope 3, AI adoption and Supplier collaboration.

Four levels of ESG Maturity: The ESG Maturity Index in ESG management encompasses four levels: Initiating, Developing, Advancing, and Leading.

Overcoming challenges: Understand the common road blocks to become an ESG Maturity level 4 company and get tips and ideas on how to overcome some of the common road blocks.

Unlock the full potential of ESG in your organisation. Download this eBook to lead your organisation towards a more sustainable and socially responsible future.