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In this insightful webinar, industry leaders Kimberly Knickle, Research Director at Verdantix, and Manish Kumar, AVP Product Management at Zycus Lythouse, shared valuable insights on the evolving landscape of ESG reporting. As sustainability goals, stakeholder expectations, and regulatory requirements continuously change, the need for advanced ESG reporting practices becomes imperative. This session highlights the emerging trends and technological advancements that are shaping the future of ESG reporting.

ESG Reporting 2.0

Access the full webinar recording to deepen your understanding of ESG reporting and gain actionable strategies from our expert speakers.

Key Learnings

  • Understanding Regulatory Changes: Gain insights into the latest ESG reporting standards and strategies for future compliance.
  • Harnessing Technology: Discover how AI can enhance the accuracy and transparency of your ESG reporting.
  • Integrating ESG into Business Strategy: Explore best practices for embedding ESG factors into your corporate strategy.
  • Engaging Stakeholders: Learn how to build trust and accountability through transparent ESG communication.


Kim Knickle

Kim Knickle

Research Director, ESG & Sustainability Practice, Verdantix


Manish Kumar

Associate Vice President - Product Management, Zycus