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High-quality Scope 3 data from suppliers is essential, but navigating complex systems is challenging. Integrating sustainability into operations, fostering partnerships, and using new technology can streamline data collection.

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The Power of Partnerships: Transforming the Governance of Scope 3 Data Collection

Key learnings

  • Building long-term partnerships with suppliers: Explore how to build long-term partnerships with suppliers, deep diving into how data sharing can lead to continuous improvement in your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance.
  • Technology’s role in governance of Scope 3 data: Discover how technology can help with management and processing of Scope 3 data internally across multiple business functions and geographies.
  • Moving Beyond Compliance: Learn how to overcome challenges in sharing ESG data, including data privacy and security, to foster a company culture that prioritizes sustainability beyond meeting basic regulations.


Kevin Eckerle

Kevin Eckerle

Director, ESG, Operations and Performance, Consumer Health Bayer

Jason Noel

Jason Noel

Director - Customer Account Management, Zycus